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What are we doing?

What is the goal?

Quimicas Meristem, S.L.Established in 1984, has been committed to plant nutrition products and Development and sales of special fertilizers.


Since the establishment of the company, Quimicas Meristem has been

constantly striving to find sustainable Innovative products that are

updated in the market, products that can not damage the environment. Finally in a long time After a series of research experiments, a series of plant nutrition products and ecological products were formed to fill The agricultural needs of today's world.



Our goal is to provide our customers with value-added products that are designed to serve them

wholeheartedly. To this end, we have our own young

research team and work closely with field technicians and suppliers in different research centers.

ISTARKA Zn is a liquid formulation that corrects iron

deficiency by foliar application product. Zinc is a trace

element produced by chlorophyll and is a basic

component of protein and is required for enzyme

synthesis. Once zinc is deficient, it can cause slow

crop growth, shortened internodes, and curled leaves,

which reduces crop yield.

KAFOM K is a plant protection inducer based on

potassium phosphite. In making With KAFOM K, you

can help crops fight off pathogens.

CTA HUMUS is a liquid soil conditioner rich in humic

acid extract that provides both fulvic acid and humic acid

to the soil for timely and long-term improvement of soil



MERISTEM 20-20-20+Mix is an irrigation use rich in NPK
Square product, it is recommended to use the whole

growth cycle of the crop, in addition to boron
Manganese, molybdenum and zinc for better nutrition

JABOLIM is a natural insecticide based on potassium

soap, which can remove whitefly (whitefly, greenhouse whitefly).

SODAM contains high levels of organic matter, which

can improve the biochemical structure of the soil and

activate the microbial flora in the soil. Free amino acids can be quickly absorbed by crops and enhance the stress resistance of crops.


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