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Spanish Cuico will lead the European Biostimulant Association Agricultural Committee

2019/07/01 16:26
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World Agricultural Network China Network Report: The European Bio-Stimulus Industry Association (EBIC) Board of Directors recently appointed Carlos Repiso, R&D Coordinator of Biochem Biosynthesis in Spain, as the Chairman of the Agricultural Committee (AgCom). The work of the Agriculture Committee involves: establishing reasonable requirements for the registration of fertilizers and biostimulants in Europe, amending the new European Fertilizer and Biostimulant Regulations, providing a technical background for the European Biostimulant Industry Association and promoting the spread of biostimulants in Europe. Know how. The Agricultural Committee is one of the three committees that make up the European Biostimulant Industry Association.
After the appointment, Cuike will lead two important organizations - the Agricultural Committee and the Inorganic Task Force. Carlos Repiso is the second company member of the company to take over the leadership position in the history of the company. Irene Sobrado, the European Regulatory Affairs Manager of Cuico, served as Chairman of the Inorganic Task Force last year and also represented Cui Ke as Secretary of the Spanish Task Force.
These organizations are critical to improving the new fertilizer and biostimulant regulations. In cooperation with the European Commission, it plays an important role in setting quality standards for agricultural products throughout Europe. In addition, they have developed new universal standards to ensure that products sold in Europe meet high specification requirements. These can reduce farmers' doubts about products and increase their satisfaction with products.
About Carlos Repiso
Repiso joined Cuico in 2014. Since 2017, he has been the coordinator of bio-stimulating enzyme research and development, leading the innovative bio-stimulating hormone project. He received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Master of Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and currently works with the University on research projects in the Crop Sciences Department. In addition, he specializes in plant abiotic stress studies at North Carolina State University.
About the European Biostimulant Industry Association (EBIC)
Founded in 2011, Cuike is one of the founding agencies. Since its inception, the association has continued to develop and currently has 58 member units. The association aims to promote the promotion of biostimulants in Europe to promote sustainable agricultural development and to develop sound policies for biostimulants within the new European fertilizer regulation system.
Source: AgroPages (World Agrochemical Network)
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