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“Matis Dan has been working with you” 2018 National Plant Protection Association ended successfully

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2019/07/01 16:15
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The large-scale, high-population and far-reaching meeting of the agricultural plant protection system was officially opened on November 22nd at the 34th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair. It is understood that the scale of China's plant protection "double fair" will be a new high. The theme of this year's exhibition is "green plant protection, quality and agriculture". The exhibition hall has more than 130,000 square meters, equivalent to more than 3,400 exhibitions. It is expected to be in the field. The number of professional merchants will exceed 150,000, and the scale is unprecedented!
The headquarters of Matisse Dan in Spain attached great importance to the meeting. Giovanni Pensabene, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Spain Headquarters, David García Valdivieso, Technical Director David García Valdivieso David Garcia Barti Verso, attended the meeting.
The booth of our company is 10T76, and the day of Chengdu on the 22nd is still not bright. All the staff of the company have a warm smile, professional knowledge and perfect service, and they are waiting in their own positions, waiting for the arrival of merchants from all over the country. The layout of the entire booth reveals our intentions from product display to display layout. Only by careful use can we serve well and retain good customers.
Solid propaganda and warm-up, making the plant protection meeting not long after the opening, 10T76 Metis Dan booth is full of people, crowded.
The business elites of Metis Dan have patiently explained the products for the merchants.
Many new customers are interested in the products of Metis Dan, and they have expressed their intention to cooperate and said that they will focus on promotion.
Here, on behalf of Matisse Dan, I would like to thank our customers for their recognition of Metis Dan. Our support has inspired us. The Metis Dan people will continue to serve you!
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